Committed jewelry: a process not a utopia

What defines a sustainable collection? Today there is a lot of talk about eco-friendly fashion and sustainability. But what does that mean? And how can we identify a sustainable brand? We would like to explain what it means for us to create pieces that support the environment and are made with a precise method of work that supports ethical and conscious work.

Produce only as much as necessary

When we create a collection and jewelry we choose materials that can be used in totality. Because the process starts with the purchase of raw materials. If we have to buy a chain to make a bracelet we assume that the standard size of a woman's bracelet is 18cm.

We consciously purchase an adequate quantity of material to be fully utilized.

For example, 1m of chain made from recycled gold can be used to create 18 bracelets of 18cm each. We are therefore left with 12cm of excess. Instead of throwing away the surplus we make wonderful earrings. Like the new Allure Earrings.

For us, this means buying raw materials consciously and developing the collection while reducing waste.

We select neighboring suppliers and have removed intermediaries. We buy raw materials direct, preferring road transportation, and produce directly in our atelier on the French Riviera.

Finally, we produce only as much as we are able to sell and according to our customers' requests. We have a small stock always available, and we strive to ship the jewelry as quickly as possible. Custom jewelry only made to order, so we request our customers to be patient a few days to make it.


Reduce use of plastic and paper

We limit the use of plastic and paper as much as possible, and when necessary we do it by choosing recycled paper and paper from sustainable forest management. For example, for domestic shipments we do not attach the order confirmation or invoice. Small actions that help support the environment surrounding us by reducing waste.


Actions for the environment

Since 2018, the brand has been engaged in concrete actions to preserve nature. For every piece purchased, our customers contribute to plant a tree.

We believe that fashion is more than objects, and with specific actions we empower our clients to be part of our engagement.


Offer high quality jewelry at the right price

Does quality have to be expensive? We have questioned this aspect a lot and realized that the answer is tricky. While the work of all collaborators and artisans must be valued, market demand must be understood, and we strongly believe that fashion must be accessible.

Respecting the raw materials and those who work to make a piece of jewelry is the beginning step in understanding the price of an item.

Have you ever thought that behind a pair of earrings there are dozens of people who have worked on its making? Dozens of hours of designing, researching, choosing raw materials, packaging, and finally the photographer, stylist, model, etc.?

This work should be considered in the value of an object and especially in the customer's perception of it.

Our jewelry is high quality, low impact and is lovingly handcrafted. We can offer them at a competitive price because we eliminated intermediaries, work with neighboring suppliers and produce a small quantity.

Find out the new new RIVIERA collection, be inspired by the beauty of the French Riviera of the 60s and 70s and contribute to our engagement.