From women to women

From women to women

Our value

People have asked me about my work and the mystique feeling around the fashion industry.

I work with friends in sharing dreams, passion, creative moments and stress. Sometimes asking for help to support the project and other times just to enjoy the moment. I work with extraordinary women: family, business partners, ateliers, buyers and customers.

This is not a thank you message but a support message. I started with my mother who has been committed from the beginning to support me and today she works on new creations. My partner's mom who started supports my creations with her talent. My friends who become business partners and business associates become friends. People say women are very competitive and jealous, but in my journey I have met amazing women who support each other to grow the business and become a better person.

When I found the SOMEONE-SOMEWHERE community I dreamed of a fashion industry with more women and less discrimination and 2 years later I am so grateful to have in this project amazing brands and great people who trust me with the same value.

Behind a purchase there are many women who collaborate, support and work to create a unique piece in hope that you love it as we loved it in making it.